Zlatan Rules

Sold Out!
Simon Mugford & Dan Green


Sold Out!

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“Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic your ultimate football hero? Known as one of the most prolific strikers, Zlatan is famed for his strength, precision and stamina. Having won 30+ trophies in his football career, he has become the second most decorated active footballer in present times.

Discover how Zlatan overcame his difficult childhood in the immigrant-populated district of Roseng?rd and developed into a tall, agile athlete with an obvious talent for playing soccer. Learn how he used his skill and confidence to become one of Europe’s top strikers while starring for eight consecutive title-winning clubs.

The Football Superstars series is aimed at building a love of reading in young children, and is filled with fun cartoons, inspirational stories and a cast of characters chipping in with quotes, jokes and comments.