Halloween Dress up Spook Sale!

It's Halloween weekend, and Diwan is celebrating spookiness! Wear a costume of your favorite character, come into your nearest Diwan branch and receive a free book. This fun event is available at all Diwan branches!

Enneagram Webinar 1: the 9 types of personality (speaker: Ahmed Hanafi)

Curious about your type? Get to know about the enneagram system of typing. Learn about the 9 types, their traits, motivations, strengths and weaknesses. Start developing your sense of self awareness, the key to changing your life. November is Enneagram month in Diwan! We partnered with The International Enneagram Affiliate in Egypt to bring you […]

Booksigning – 4 Nov – حفل توقيع

Diwan Capital Business Park Capital Business park plot-15-16 Sheikh Zayed City, 6th of October, Cairo

حفل إطلاق رواية "النظرة الأخيرة" للكاتبة دينا طاهر