Diwan is guided by a passion for knowledge, a desire to learn through experimentation, an appreciation of diverse cultures, a love of leisure and adventure, an attraction to wellness and an enthusiasm to connect with all emotions.

Diwan is driven by a desire to delight our clients by taking them into the marvels of the literary world and engaging them in both intellectual and entertaining events all within a serene ambiance mixing east and west, old and new, serious and playful.

Our Vision
To be enlightenment centers in Egypt and its region by leading in the fields of paper/digital books and cultural events.

Our Mission
To support knowledge, growth, and innovation by committing to offering high-quality multilingual books for every age, as well as a variety of wellness products and services across multi-platforms, while perfecting a distinctive customer experience engaging all senses.

Our approach is to enrich our clients’ lives by transforming the act of “buying a book” into a cultural, artistic, and culinary experience, and offering them a visually appealing and relaxing ambiance every time they step into our stores.