Women and Diverse Learners

Women and Diverse Learners

Amira El Sabbagh


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Today women’s empowerment is highly essential to our lives, as they are the most potentially capable resource on earth. Realizing power in women is what drives them to play an effective role in our society. Women are the mothers who raise and support their children to become powerful and achieve their life goals. So to support children and educate them properly, we need to start raising effective, supportive mothers. Women need assistance to stand up against oppression and inequality. I have always believed that ending limitless problems; like poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance, is achieved by recognizing individual potentials in people and how much they are worth-investing if only they’re given the right opportunity. And this initiative will take place when we allow women empowerment and gender equality. Respect a woman not because of her role as a mother, sister, daughter, or wife; but for the sole reason that she is raising our future generations.