Uktub Al-‘Arabiya

Azza Hassanein & Dalal Abo Al


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(2014) This new series of three books aims to develop the writing skills of students learning Modern Standard Arabic, enabling them to move from forming correct words, phrases, sentences, and simple texts, to writing simple paragraphs and ultimately producing texts with the competency of a native speaker. TheIntermediate level volume introduces students to authentic Arabic writing styles; strengthens and enhances their grammar; includes more sophisticated key words, collocations, expressions, and idioms; reinforces linguistic accuracy; and trains them to use handwriting script. Practical skills such as how to write memorandums, messages, and e-mails and how to compile information are included. Developed and piloted in the classrooms of the Arabic Language Institute at the American University in Cairo, this series has benefited from the expertise and knowledge of leading teachers of Arabic.Other books in the series: Beginners Writing Skills in Modern Standard Arabic & Advanced Writing Skills in Modern Standard Arabic