Two Michelangelos

Two Michelangelos

Bette Talvacchia


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“Through historical coincidence that almost takes on a mythical character, ‘Michelangelo’ was the given name not only of the Florentine sculptor, but also of the painter who grew up in Caravaggio, a provincial town in Lombardy, about 25 miles east of Milan. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, commonly called by reference to his hometown, produced revolutionary paintings whose impact was as great — at the beginning of the 1600s — as the other Michelangelo’s art had been a century earlier.

In this book, author Bette Talvacchia explores the significant, but little-discussed, connection between the ‘two Michelangelos’. She exposes the dynamic relationship between their work through looking at the ways in which Caravaggio creatively responded to the art of his namesake from the start of his youthful arrival in Rome. In addition, she suggests how Michelangelo’s overwhelming achievement was a model that helped to drive the young Caravaggio’s powerful ambition and shape his identity as an artist.”