Truth Or Lie Inventors

Truth Or Lie Inventors

Erica S. Perl


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(2020) Budding inventors and science fair nerds will love hunting down the TRUTH about some groundbreaking inventions–past and present–and the people behind them in this innovative early reader.

The computer mouse was invented by Steve Jobs, right? That’s a LIE! The TRUTH is, it was invented by a man you’ve probably never heard of named Doug Englebart!! Though this engaging early reader is 100% fun, 25% of it is FALSE! In a unique Q&A format, proficient readers are quizzed about inventions and their inventors to see if they can separate facts from “lies.” The book’s mascot–the Truth Sleuth–guides readers through this funny and fact-packed book, which features photos and illustrations of a wide variety of inventions–from the printing press to velcro to a light-up soccer ball. With funny, kid-appealing art by Michael Slack.

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