Thirteen Ways to Make a Plural

Thirteen Ways to Make a Plural

Jacob Halpin


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(2020) An essential guide for anyone seeking to learn Arabic, including tips and tricks to make the process more productive Arabic is one of the world’s most complex and fascinating languages, but many students dive into it without first understanding what they are aiming for, much less knowing how they will get there. Thirteen Ways to Make a Plural: Preparing to Learn Arabic provides essential guidance on making a success of learning Arabic, drawing on the author’s personal experience of having been there and done it, along with the insights and advice of countless other students and teachers. Written in a lively and engaging style, this invaluable primer enables readers to identify the type of Arabic (modern standard or colloquial) suited to their needs, to set realistic learning goals, and to achieve them more efficiently. It includes tried-and-tested methods for improving vocabulary retention, speaking fluency, listening accuracy, and reading skills, while separating the grammar that’s needed in the real world from that which can be left for later. It also provides helpful advice on how to make the most of an ‘immersion’ experience abroad, what it takes to reach an advanced level, and the Arabic required in different professional areas.