The Walls Inside Us

Sandra Abdalla


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This book is about getting to know oneself, not the self that one should be, but the self that one truly is. As we go through life, the original state of unconditionally loving ourselves, the world, and others diminishes, because the more we live the more we are bombarded with social and cultural codes and mannerisms that divide us, from the inside as well as the outside. As time goes by, the walls we build in order to hide behind so we can better fit in, make us less whole, individually as well as collectively. Behind those walls we feel protected from hurt and shame, and allow, under false pretense, a life without friction. However, such a setup is only temporary. It is a matter of time for it to become clear that above all we are left isolated and fragmented, in havoc and decay. An evident block standing in the way of our authenticity is then upon us as we go on living a life that is far from what we can call our own. I attempt o explain how this chaos can be a vehicle toward wholeness