The Vagus Nerve Reset: Train Your Body to Heal Stress, Traum

The Vagus Nerve Reset: Train Your Body to Heal Stress, Traum

Anna Ferguson


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With practical, immediate ways to establish a mindful connection with our bodies, The Vagus Nerve Reset is an introduction to the nervous system, and helps us tap into our body’s innate capacity to process and return to a state of safety, transforming the way we respond to every kind of challenge in life.

Feeling anxious and disconnected are signs of a nervous system that’s out of balance. Something as small as a curt message from your boss can be perceived by your body as a threat—which triggers a change in your vagus nerve (a cranial nerve that runs from your brain to your abdomen). In The Vagus Nerve Reset, somatic therapist Anna Ferguson offers easy tools and exercises, grounded in the science of Polyvagal Theory, to help train your nervous system to stop overreacting and start responding more calmly to day-to-day stressors. By tuning in to your vagus nerve you can gently shape your nervous system to achieve greater resilience, improved sleep and digestion, relief from anxiety, and healing from past traumas.

The power of somatic therapy: learn how to work with your body to change the way you feel, think, and behave to become more resilient
Positively change your mood and behavior: you’ll assess how your vagus nerve is functioning, then incorporate practices such as breath, touch, movement, and intention to grow your connection to your body
Polyvagal Theory made easy: understand the underlying principle of how the nervous system regulates feelings of safety and how one responds to experiences in the world