The Synergy Solution

Mark Sirower&Jeff Weirens


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“Few actions can change the value of a company—and its competitive future—as quickly and dramatically as an acquisition. Yet most companies fail to create shareholder value from these deals, and in many cases they destroy it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

In The Synergy Solution, Deloitte’s Mark Sirower and Jeff Weirens show acquirers how to develop and execute an M&A strategy—end to end—that not only avoids the pitfalls that so many companies fall into but also creates real, long-term shareholder value. This strategy includes how to:

Become a prepared “”always on”” acquirer

Test the investment thesis and DCF valuation of a deal

Plan for a successful Announcement Day, and properly communicate synergy promises to investors and other stakeholders

Realize those promised synergies through integration planning and post-close execution

Manage change and build a new, combined organization

Sirower and Weirens provide invaluable background to those considering M&A, laying out the issues they have to consider, how to analyze them, and how to plan and execute the deal effectively. They also show those who have already started the process of M&A how to maximize their chances of success.

There’s an art and a science to getting mergers and acquisitions right, and this powerful book provides the insights and strategies acquirers need to find success at every stage of an often complex and perilou”