The Seven Sisters 5

Lucinda Riley


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“Tiggy D’Aplièse spends her days reveling in the raw beauty of the Scottish Highlands, where she works at a deer sanctuary. But when the sanctuary is forced to close, she decides to take a job as a wildlife consultant on the vast estate of the elusive and troubled Charlie Kinnaird. She has no idea that the move will not only irrevocably alter her future, but also bring her face-to-face with her past.

At the estate, she meets Chilly, an elderly Romani man who fled from Spain seventy years earlier. He tells her that not only does she possess a sixth sense passed down from her ancestors, but it was foretold long ago that he would be the one to send her back home

Back in 1912, in the poor Romani community outside the city walls of Granada, Luc?a Amaya-Albaycin is born. At the tender age of ten, Luc?a is whisked away by her ambitious father to dance in the flamenco bars of Barcelona. And while Luc?a perfects her skills—eventually becoming the greatest flamenco dancer of her generation—tensions in Spain boil over into civil war, forcing Luc?a and her troupe of dancers to flee for their lives. As they travel in search of a safe haven, Luc?a’s long-held dream of going to New York may be in grasp. But to pursue it, she must choose between her love for her career and the man she adores.”