The Price of Money

Rob Dix


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Learn how to make better financial decisions by understanding how the world of money really works.

Why is everything from cars to coffee suddenly getting more expensive?

How can the government produce billions out of thin air while your savings are shrinking?

And what can you do to get ahead in a time of economic chaos?

For centuries, working hard and saving up diligently would have set you up for financial security and a comfortable retirement. Not anymore.

Over the last 50 years, we’ve entered a new financial world – one where your savings lose value faster than you can build them, a global mountain of debt piles up ever higher, and most people slip backwards however hard they try.

In The Price of Money, a leading investment expert explains what’s changed – and what you should do now we’re here. You’ll learn why currencies the world over have lost 99 per cent of their value, and how to use future declines to your advantage. You’ll understand how the government can produce hundreds of billions out of thin air, and which investments benefit when they do. Most importantly, you’ll be shown what’s coming next – and how to position yourself to gain rather than suffer.

You don’t need even the slightest knowledge of economics to read this book – just a desire to understand why the world of money is working against you, and what to do about it.