The Palestine Problem

Labib W.Kamhawi


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” What do Palestinians really want? Do they want the truth, no matter how bitter, or something that appeals to their emotions, hopes, and dreams? Generally, Palestinians have become prisoners of a system of slogans and a political and narrative heritage of the post-Nakba, living in diaspora and the subsequent suffering, struggle, torments, heroism and hopes.

Working through all this has become increasingly difficult as Israel became stronger, on one hand, and as the Arabs and Palestinians have failed to make progress on the road to Palestine’s liberation on the other.

Meanwhile, Arab regimes and the Palestinian leadership show a growing desire and readiness to accept Israel, recognize it and deal with it as a regional ally.

Today, Palestinians need new thinking and new conceptualization and new approach to managing the conflict rather than surrendering. All previous attempts and tracks that failed in realizing Palestinian freedom and rights should be dropped completely and replaced with new options that do not compromise Palestinian national rights.”