Teen Titans GO! 5

Sold Out!
Sholly Fisch


Sold Out!

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“First, it’s a holiday free-for-all when the Titans celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas together! Then, the Titans discover a new neighborhood treat when Jump City becomes “”Grounds Zero”” for the caffeine craze sweeping the nation! Next, when a new time-wasting gadget is Jump City’s latest craze, and no one’s getting anything done, the Titans investigate. Can the team pull together to find the gizmo and restore order to the town? And when the heroes are recovering from some scrapes and cuts, they have to tackle the scariest villains of all time…insurance agents! Plus, the Titans finally get their movie and all the fame and glamour that come with it. But are they doomed to wallow after their 15 minutes of fame are over?

Find out in this wacky collection of all-ages stories, Teen Titans Go! Vol. 5: Falling Stars, from writers including Sholly Fisch (The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and Ivan Cohen (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?), with art by Marcelo DiChiara (DC Super Hero Girls), Lea Hernandez (Disney Adventures), Jeremy Lawson (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and more!”