Superheroes Love Potty Time!

Superheroes Love Potty Time!

Amber Lily


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“A potty training book for super toddlers! Reassure and encourage your child to use the potty with confidence with this fun and friendly book!

Help the superhero toddlers on their potty-training adventure. Do superheroes poo on the moon or on the potty? Do they wear their knickers on their heads? By lifting the flaps to choose what happens next on each page, children help the superheroes learn all about potty-training in a fun and interactive way. This book is perfect for children beginning their potty-training journey and taking their first big steps towards toilet training with confidence.

‘Toddler’ is a term used to describe children aged 12-36 months. These months are a time of great physical, emotional and social development. The average age that a child begins potty training in the UK is between 18-36 months. Potty training should begin when a parent determines their child is physically and emotionally ready to focus on taking this big step.”