Super Vision

Sherife AbdelMessih


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“We don’t see with our eyes, we see with our brain.
It’s a mistake to believe that our eyes instruct our brain on what is happening in front of us. Instead, it is our brain that decides how to interpret the signals that are coming from our eyes; this is called perception. Any two people living the same experience, the reality, will not undergo the same perception. Because no two people have the same mind, and each mind makes unique perceptions based on its own set of subconscious beliefs, past experiences, aspirations, and fears.
As a result, we are rarely conscious of the actual reality unfolding in front of us. That is why we go offtrack, why life doesn’t live up to our expectations, why we suffer and eventually get stuck. In Super Vision, we learn about how we see—our perception. And why any effort to change our lives externally will be met with very little progress until we learn to change our perception first.
Reading Super Vision is like undergoing brain surgery meant to correct the blind spots and miscalculations that have developed in our subconscious minds, which are holding us back from realizing our full potential and changing our destiny.”