Struggle for Egypt

Steven Cook


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(2011) A sharp insight into Egypt’s last 60 years and its current revolution

The recent revolution in Egypt has shaken the Arab world to its roots. This is not the first time that the world turns its gaze to Egypt, however. A half century ago, Egypt under Nasser became the putative leader of the Arab world and a beacon for all developing nations. Yet during the decades prior to the 2011 revolution, it was ruled by a sclerotic regime plagued by nepotism and corruption, and its economy declined into near shambles. Here, Steven Cook explains how this parlous state of affairs came to be, why the revolution occurred, and where Egypt might be headed next. In a sweeping account of Egypt in the modern era, he incisively chronicles all of the nation’s central historical episodes: the decline of British rule, the rise of Nasser, Egypt’s decision to make peace with Israel, the assassination of Sadat, the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood, and—finally—the demonstrations that convulsed Tahrir Square and overthrew an entrenched regime.