Simple Truths of Leadership

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Simple Truths of Leadership

Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley


Sold Out!

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“Effective leadership is an influence process where leaders implement everyday, commonsense approaches that help people and organizations thrive. Yet somehow, many of these fundamental principles are still missing from most workplaces. In Simple Truths of Leadership, legendary servant leadership expert Ken Blanchard, whose books have sold millions of copies worldwide, and his colleague Randy Conley, known and recognized for his many years of thought leadership and expertise in the field of trust, share fifty-two Simple Truths about leadership that will help leaders everywhere make commonsense leadership common practice.

Readers will discover profound, memorable, and in some cases counterintuitive leadership wisdom such as

Who should make the first move to extend trust

What role a successful apology plays in building trust

When to use different strokes (leadership styles) for different folks—and for the same folks

Where the most important part of leadership happens

How to create autonomy through boundaries

Why the key to developing people is catching them doing something right

A fun, easy read that will make a positive difference in leadership and organizational success, Simple Truths of Leadership will show readers how to incorporate simple but essential practices into their leadership style, build trust through servant leadership, and enhance their own lives and the lives of everyone around them.”