Signs of the Times Oracle

Signs of the Times Oracle

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“The Universe is always communicating with us – through serendipity, coincidence and chance – if we only knew how to listen.

The Signs of the Times Oracle is a reminder that crystals and angelic guidance are just some of the ways the Universe speaks to us – other times the messages are right in front of us. Maybe you simply get a big red stop sign in your face or a plastic bag that says, ‘Have a Nice Day’ blows past. The ‘give way’ sign as you turn onto a road or the peace sign spray-painted on the wall across the street might go unnoticed as you wait for whispers from angels or guidance from ancestors.

Sometimes the messages from the Universe we miss are the most obvious ones. This oracle deck will open your eyes and your senses, so you’ll become attuned to what the Universe is trying to tell you.”