Scientist and the Forger

Jehane Ragai


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(2015) Over the last few decades there has been a scandalous increase in the number of forged paintings in tandem with a steep rise in the price of artworks. This also comes with an enhanced awareness on the part of professional forgers that their paintings might undergo scientific investigation. The Scientist and the Forger describes both innovative and long-held approaches to the detection of forgery and authentication of paintings with special focus on ground-breaking scientific techniques introduced in the last decade. It provides both the layperson and the scientist with a description of these new methods while relating them to both the most notorious cases where these methods have been applied. Fresh insights into the psychology of the viewer are provided and attempts to shed new light on the long-sought answer to the question: Why does the revelation that a work of art is forged make us view it differently? are discussed. The psychology of the forger is also explored as are the myriad motivations behind the most egregious incursions into deception. The book concludes by discussing some of the pressing problems faced by the art world today, stressing the importance of using appropriate tools for a valid verdict on authenticity, and making a case for the imperative necessity of integrating honest connoisseurship and competent science.