Ruth Baumgarte

Ruth Baumgarte

Viola Weigel


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During a period of radical change, Ruth Baumgarte (19232013) created an artistic oeuvre in which humankind and its fragile existence form the main area of focus. This volume introduces her as a passionate creator of drawings, a versatile applied graphic artist and an expressive painter. The turbulent events in Ruth Baumgartes life have left visible traces in her oeuvre. From the early 1950s she turned her attention to industrial subjects. She made a study of environmental subjects, such as Chernobyl, as well as socially relevant questions. In more than 40 journeys she explored the African continent and made use of the impressions she gained in her works. It is typical of her work that she linked the radiance of her watercolour painting with current social topics. Viola Weigel is an art historian, curator and author. Since 2019 she has been the director of the Ruth Baumgarte Art Foundation. Languages: English and German