Runes Made Easy

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Richard Lister


Sold Out!

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This is your key to unlocking the ancient power and wisdom of the runes and their magic. Learn how to use them for divination, guidance and more. The runes are some of the most powerful divination tools available to us. In the mist-shrouded forests and icy fjords of the north, the ancient Nordic oracle of the runes was gifted from the Gods. These 24 mystic inscriptions were used to connect with the very foundations of the universe, to guide, heal, divine and communicate. The runes are more than just a method of writing; each has a sound, a resonance, that connects with the magic surrounding us. To pick up this book is to embrace the energies of the primal northern landscape, to experience life through the senses of the ancients and to make that power yours. Within this insightful, practical book, you’ll discover: · an introduction to the Norse mythology associated with the runes · detailed meanings of each of the 24 Elder Futhark runes · how to work with the runes, including casting, creating runic spells and making binds · tips for developing your own relationship with the runes This is your key to unlocking the ancient power and wisdom of the Vikings, the runes and their mysterious magic.