Professional Bubbleology

Philip Maxwell Stewart


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(2017) Welcome to the world of Professional Bubbleology! The first comprehensive guide to the history, science and art of bubble blowing. Have you ever wanted to learn how to make absolutely massive bubbles? Or host a bubble and foam party? How about putting your friends in giant bubbles? This book is appropriate for all aspiring Bubbleologists from ages 2-102! Inside you’ll learn how to mix your own bubble formulas and perform awesome tricks. Perfect for beginners and advanced bubble makers alike. Along the way, you’ll learn about the science and history of bubbles as well as some really fun bubble facts.This text acts as an educational tool, teaching aid, instructional manual and recipe book for any budding bubbleologist. Learn how to make your own formulas, build your tools and perform to audiences. Written alongside some of the world’s leading bubbeologists, this book explores many tricks and techniques, with photos and illustrations to guide and inspire you as you learn. Get to grips with tricks like ‘The Double Carousel’ and the art of Smoke Bubbles, as well as learning the roots of this fascinating art form. The book concludes with a short, illustrated story – A Day in the Life of a Bubble – which will entertain children and adults alike.