Pioneer, Professor Fatma Salem

Pioneer, Professor Fatma Salem

Asyah Al-Bualy


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(2013) The Pioneer, Professor Fatma Salem Seif Al-Maamary (1911-2002): A Historical, Documentary and Academic Study” written by Dr. Asyah Al-Bualy, provides an honest account of the life of Fatma Salem and her achievements. It has been produced in order to shed light on the role of an Omani Egyptian woman who ascended to the highest ranks of academia and society. Her biography is furthermore, a valuable topic of study due to the fact that she is an ideal role model. She became a cultural symbol during an era characterised by the pioneering role of women and the establishment of enlightenment ideals, which witnessed the advancement of women in the Arab world. Fatma Salem was therefore, undoubtedly an exceptional woman during the period that she lived in. Her pioneering role was of a special kind, which is emphasised by the exceptional historical circumstances of her time. Having been sent to England to obtain a PhD in the 1950s, while other women were confined to their homes, she was privileged to have had the opportunities denied to many women of her generation. She received numerous prestigious awards and was assigned various senior academic positions, paving a new way forward for many women in Oman and throughout the Arab world. Fatma Salem was moreover, a virtuous woman who made a great intellectual contribution to the society in which she lived. She devoted herself to acquiring knowledge and excelling to be among the foremost of her peers. Her importance was recognised by prominent people of the time, like the Dean of Arabic Literature, Professor Taha Hussein. The biography consists of an introduction and three chapters, as well as an appendix which contains copies of certificates, photographs and documents that belonged to the late Fatma Salem. **** All proceeds of this book go to Oman Cancer Association for awareness.