Orien’s Animal Tarot

Orien’s Animal Tarot

Ambi Sun


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“This animal-themed tarot card deck reflects nature through mythical and ethereal means and is rich in animal symbolism, allowing you to spiritually connect with the universe and yourself through the exquisite art of divination.

The deck is suitable for beginners, enthusiasts, and advanced tarot readers. The H feature brilliant colors of the animals set in shimmery, mystical landscapes. The companion book provides detailed explanations of each card along with each animal’s characteristics and relevance in the tarot.

Card examples:

The Fool—Sea Turtle

The Magician—Spiny Bush Viper

The High Priestess—Wolf

The Empress—Black-necked Stork

The Emperor—African Elephant

Devil—Praying Mantis

The Moon—Rabbit


Ace of Wands—Dragonfly

King of Swords—Crow”