Only the Paranoid Survive

Andrew S. Grove


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This book is about one super-important concept. You must learn about ‘Strategic Inflection Points’, because sooner or later you are going to live through one.’ – Steve Jobs

There are moments in any business when massive change occurs, when all the rules shift fast and forever. They can make or break companies and individuals, and they can happen at any moment.

Andrew Grove calls such moments strategic inflection points, and he lived through several as CEO of Intel, where he transformed the company into the world’s largest computer chipmaker, and the 7th most profitable company in the Fortune 500. Drawing on decades of personal experience and insight, as well as examining timeless examples from other companies, Grove reveals how to identify and exploit the key moments of change that generate either drastic failure or incredible success.

Only the Paranoid Survive is a classic lesson in leadership that anyone in any industry will benefit from. Because we must all assume that something will change – and soon.