Of Sea and Sand

Denyse Woods


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(2018) Gabriel Sherlock arrives in Oman in 1982, fleeing shame and disaster back home in Ireland. There, he begins an intense affair with a woman whom no one else has seen. Locals insist she must be one of the jinn–a supernatural being–but Gabriel refuses to buy into the folklore, despite her sudden, unexplained disappearance.

Twenty-five years later, Irishwoman Thea Pearson lands in Muscat, chasing her own ghosts from the past, and is approached by Gabriel who believes she is his lost lover. Certain that they have never met before, Thea is nonetheless drawn to this deluded, and perhaps dangerous, stranger and the rumors that surround him.

Of Sea and Sand teeters on the edge of a spirit world just beyond our grasp in this haunting, seductive mystery.