Nutshell Enlightenment Philos

Nutshell Enlightenment Philos

Jane O'Grady


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(2019) “…there is nothing elementary about O’Grady’s primer. She pulls off the feat of writing a reliable and accessible introduction to modern philosophy that is also a meaningful contribution to the subject.” – Times Literary Supplement From Descartes’ famous line ‘I think therefore I am’ to Kant’s fascinating discussions of morality, the thinkers of the Enlightenment have helped to shape the modern world. Addressing such important subjects as the foundations of knowledge and the role of ethics, the theories of these philosophers continue to have great relevance to our lives. Ranging across Enlightenment thinking from Berkeley to Rousseau, Enlightenment Philosophy in a Nutshell explains important ideas such as Locke’s ideas of primary and secondary qualities, Kant’s moral rationalism, and Hume’s inductive reasoning. Filled with helpful diagrams and simple summaries of complex theories, this essential introduction brings the great ideas of the past to everyone. ABOUT THE SERIES: The ‘Knowledge in a Nutshell’ series by Arcturus Publishing provides engaging introductions to many fields of knowledge, including philosophy, psychology and physics, and the ways in which human kind has sought to make sense of our world.