Non-Obvious Guide To Employee

Non-Obvious Guide To Employee

Maddie Grant


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(2019) Unlock the True Potential of Your Workforce If you want your organization to start meeting and exceeding the expectations you have for it, then you need to address the problem of your disengaged workforce. The challenge, however, is that the business world has misunderstood the concept of employee engagement, thus our efforts have been failing—despite years of effort and billions of dollars spent. In this refreshing new book, future-of-work experts Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter reveal a new path for tapping into the power of your people in ways that produce tangible, measurable results. Part of the Non-Obvious Guide series published by IdeaPress, this book will teach you: How to define employee engagement in a way that connects directly to what makes both your organization and your employees more successful. Why engagement surveys are so flawed and how to dig into your culture to go beyond “symptom” metrics. When to let those Millennials (and others for that matter) hop to a new job after two years, and when to fight hard to keep them. Why culture is more important than engagement and what the relationship is between the two. Real, proven, and actionable advice on how to actually improve engagement. How to drive engagement even if you’re not “in charge of” engagement at your company.