My Little Pony Princess Celest

My Little Pony Princess Celest

My Little Pony


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(2021) When Princess Celestia hears that her friend, Diamond Waves, is in trouble, she rushes to Monacolt to help. The beautiful kingdom by the sea is on the brink of disaster, and none of the students at the Monacolt Magic Academy can master the spell that will save it. Can Princess Celestia bring the magic back before it’s too late? With illustrations throughout and bonus puzzle pages at the end, this My Little Pony chapter book is perfect for fans that are developing readers. Read the other books in the series: Twilight Sparkle and the Spell – 9781405296380 Rainbow Dash and the Double Dare – 9781405294997 Applejack and the Secret Diary – 9781405296380 Pinkie Pie and the Party – 9781405296366 Rarity and the Curious Case – 9781405296434 Fluttershy and the Friends Fair – 9781405296441 Princess Luna and the Winter Moon Festival – 9780755501786