Mirrors of Time Using Regressi

Mirrors of Time Using Regressi

Brian L. Weiss


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“Dr Brian Weiss has helped thousands of patients around the world receive the healing benefits of past-life regression therapy through his workshops, seminars, books and audio programmes. Through regression therapy, people find that barriers to their inner peace and happiness disappear and many of their physical and emotional symptoms improve. In this book, you will learn:

meditation, breathing and visualization exercises as well as the actual regression techniques Dr Weiss uses with his patients

how to go back through time and discover the true sources of our trauma, recalling the past events that have led to difficulties in your present

how to clear stress and gain a strong sense of relaxation and wellbeing through the process of remembering

By reading this book and practising the exercises featured on the accompanying audio, you will be filled with more peace, joy and love – and virtually all aspects of your everyday life will benefit! Now includes audio download.”