Sherif El Hotabiy


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“They say every lighthouse keeper receives one last visitor to hear his story,” said the old Keeper.

“Oh! You think I am here to listen to your story?” the sailor seemed amused.

“Yes,” answered the old Keeper in deep thought, looking to the sea.

The sailor broke the brief silence and said, “Well it seems that I have to stay here for a while, looks like a storm is on its way…” he pointed out of the window to the now grey clouded sky, “so go on, tell me your story.”

“My story?!“

“Yes, your story!!!”

“My story isn’t mine, my story isn’t about me,”

“YOUR story is NOT about ‘You’?!!!” the sailor smiled. “What is it about then?! I hope it is not about another sea monster!”

The old Keeper turned to face the sailor,

“No! Not a sea monster…a sea Master.”