Living Dinosaurs

Sold Out!
Jonathan Scott & Angela Scott


Sold Out!

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(2018) Ever wondered why the dinosaurs didn’t survive? In this fascinating non-chronological report the success story of crocodiles and lizards (focusing on monitor lizards), and some of the reasons why they have survived since the time of the dinosaurs is explored.

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• Purple/ Band 8 books offer developing readers literary language, with some challenging vocabulary.

• Text type – A non-chronological report.

• The book includes a contents page on page 1, plus a glossary and index on pages 20 and 21.

• A fact chart on pages 22 and 23 summarises the distinguishing aspects of each of crocodiles and monitor lizards.

• Curriculum links – Science: Humans and other animals.

• This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery.

• This book has been quizzed for Accelerated Reader.