Life in Paradise

Zahi A. Hawass


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(2009) The extraordinary tombs of the people who served the pharaohs revealed in full color Not far from the Valley of the Kings lie hundreds of unique and wonderfully decorated tombs from the New Kingdom belonging to courtiers and high officials, along with the artisans who worked on the royal tombs. Life in Paradise, illustrated with spectacular new photographs, gives the reader unprecedented and privileged access to a selection of these extraordinary monuments. The beautiful scenes and texts that adorn their walls include some of the most exquisite examples of Egyptian art to be found anywhere in the land of the Nile, reflecting the aristocratic status of the tomb owners. The glorious paintings and elegant reliefs depict in fascinating detail life both on earth and in paradise for the ancient Egyptians, providing a window into their daily existence and religious beliefs. Combining scholarship with superb photography, including numerous foldouts, this magnificent volume illuminates the mysterious world of ancient Thebes and the nobles who lived and died there in Egypt’s Golden Age.