Knowing Where to Look

Light Watkins


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(2021) Have you been called to express yourself with a level of courage and honesty that surprised even you? Did an image or moment cause you such joy that you needed to share it with the world? If so, you know what it means to be inspired.

World-renowned spiritual teacher Light Watkins has spent most of his life learning how to seek out and tap into sources of inspiration. “Inspiration is part inner guidance, part blind faith in a greater possibility, and part inner voice,” he writes, “nudging you to take an action that helps you grow and expand your awareness.” In Knowing Where to Look, Watkins presents a trove of compelling inspirational material to catalyze positive change and give you fuel to push through self-limiting beliefs.

Through 108 diverse essays, anecdotes, and parables, this coveted resource provides doorways to inspired thinking and imagination. Similar to the stories found in Light’s Daily Dose of Inspiration, Watkins’s popular email newsletter, these essays provide dozens of opportunities to fan the flames of your creative spirit. The prompts at the end of each story offer reflection questions and action steps for further bringing your inspiration to life.

Rather than being a linear set of exercises, Knowing Where to Look is meant to provide the inspiration you need just as you need it. Open to any page at random and discover an unexpected source of inspiration.