How to Talk to Anyone

How to Talk to Anyone

Leil Lowndes


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A fun, witty and informative guide containing 92 little tricks for big success in personal relationships and business. There are two kinds of people in life. Those who walk into a room and say: ‘Well, here I am!’. And those who walk in and say: ‘Ahhh, there you are’. In this book, Leil Lowndes writes with wit, irreverence about relationships, body language and how we relate to each other. It contains extremely usable and intelligent strategies for love and business which include: Charming body language and gestures – the exclusive smile, eyes glued to the other person, ‘come hither’ hands with palms open etc. Never leave home without the latest news How to give the killer compliment – not too general and not too frequently given The premature ‘we’ – effective empathising how to work the party – including making an entrance, be the chooser not the choosee, and mingling not munching (for all those who head straight for the food table!).