History News The Egyptian News

History News The Egyptian News

Scott Steedman


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(2009) These entertaining, deftly organized books will make terrific light-hearted additions to curriculum units on ancient civilizations. — Publishers Weekly Stop the presses! What if ancient civilizations had daily newspapers? And they were amusing and compellingly informative? They might just look like this innovative series of historical nonfiction, presented in a unique, kid-friendly format. Greetings, honored guest. Ancient Egypt is a land of fascinating stories, age-old mysteries, ingenious inventions, proud queens, and boy-kings. Hear of our lives in The Egyptian News. Find out who built the first pyramid — and why. Learn the secret art of embalming mummies. Discover the dangerous sport of hippo hunting and much, much more — all in The Egyptian News!

Back matter includes a time line, an index, and a list of famous pharaohs