Historic Cairo

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Jim Antoniou


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Cairo contains the greatest concentration of Islamic monuments in the world, and its mosques, mausoleums, religious schools, baths, and caravanserais, built by prominent patrons between the seventh and nineteenth centuries, are among the finest in existence. Jim Antoniou takes his readers on a guided walk through the very heart of historic Cairo, among many of its greatest architectural treasures. Illustrated throughout with the author’s own detailed maps and plans and lively sketches, the walk begins at the monumental gates in the north walls of the Fatimid city, follows the ancient thoroughfare of al-Mu‘izz li-Din Allah south past Khan al-Khalili and al-Ghuriya to the Street of the Tentmakers, turns left along the famous Darb al-Ahmar of the Arabian Nights, and ends at the magnificent mosque of Sultan Hasan at the foot of the Citadel. Over ninety historic buildings along the way are identified and described, many of them open to visitors. This is an enthralling walk that everybody can enjoy, whether on foot or in an armchair. Jim Antoniou RIBA MRTPI FRSA is a British architect and city planner and the author of numerous books and publications, including Islamic Cities and Conservation. He has been involved with historic Cairo for many years in various projects as senior consultant to the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities for UNESCO and recently for the United Nations in the Rehabilitation of Historic Cairo Project.