Grow the F*ck Up

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Sarah Knight


Sold Out!

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It’s a breeze to read and you won’t feel so alone at the end of it’ Marie Claire

It’s never too late to grow the f*ck up.

And New York Times bestselling author Sarah Knight is here to help! With her no-bullsh*t bible for the modern adult, you’ll become more self-aware, self-sufficient and resourceful – and turn grown-up responsibilities into exciting opportunities for making your life easier and more fun.

You’ll learn:

– How to anticipate consequences and orchestrate outcomes

– Four keys to effective communication

– Strategies for slaying self-care

– The perks of being independent and dependable

And much more!

Packed with practical advice and pro-dult tips for everything from balancing your budget to impressing your in-laws, Grow the F*ck Up is the perfect guide for anyone – at any age – who wants to be an adult and get treated like one.