Great Maps

Jerry Brotton


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(2014) This beautifully illustrated book showcases more than 60 of the greatest maps ever made, from the ancient Babylonian map carved on a stone tablet, through medieval maps such as the mappa mundi to the modern satellite images of Google Earth.

Drawing upon geography, science, exploration, art, culture, and mythology, maps have existed almost as long as the human race. They do more than simply describe the landscape – they also offer a unique window into the lives and beliefs of their creators. Great Maps shows how they have changed our understanding of the world, and features both entire maps and close-up visual tours that pull out key details that offer intriguing historical and cultural context.

From maps of the world filled with fantastical monsters, through famous explorers discovering new continents, to the first road atlases and modern data-mapping and cartography, Great Maps explores in stunning photographic detail how maps have influenced and reflected our world throughout history.