Great Houses of London

Great Houses of London

James Stourton


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“Discover the stories of some of the most breathaking and historic great houses of London, along with their secrets, in this lavishly illustrated compedium.

London has a wealth of truly stunning great houses, seen by many as one of the marvels of English architecture, and yet to many their histories, their interiors and their occupants remain unknown.

This book, illustrated throughout with sumptuous photography of these breathaking residences, reveals to us this secret world of riches and splendour.

From the baroque and imposing magnificence of 10 Downing Street, perhaps London’s most famous address, to the extraordinary Pre-Raphaelite mosaics of Debenham House to the confident, futuristic steel and glass of the Richard Rogers House in Chelsea, this book showcases these properties and details their origin as well as the many transformations they have undergone from their construction to the present day.”