Florine Stettheimer

Karin Althaus


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When the Museum of Modern Art sent its first exhibition to Europe, Florine Stettheimer (1871–1944) joined Georgia O’Keeffe as the only women included. Stettheimer’s sensuous paintings and eccentric poetry earned her a place at the heart of the modernist avant-garde. The guest lists for her extravagant New York garden parties read like a who’s who of the 1920s art scene. Marcel Duchamp, Albert Gleizes, and Francias Picabia, among others, all flocked to the events she assembled, and following her death Duchamp curated a retrospective exhibition of the ardent feminist’s work in the Museum of Modern Art—the venue’s first such show dedicated to a woman. Illustrated with selections from Stettheimer’s works and poems, Florine Stettheimer tells an exciting new history of the modernist movement through the lens of the woman at its center and is a great addition to the bestselling series Great Masters of Art.