Face to Face Elephants

Face to Face Elephants


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Youre in the Land Rover, observing elephants from a safe, respectful distance. Its a hot, hot day in the African bush, and the windows are down. But whats this? Suddenly, youve got company! An elephant trunk is nosing around in your luggage for some water. Nothing new to Beverly and Dereck Joubert, the wildlife writers and filmmakers who get up close and personal with elephants of all sizes, experience their complex social structure, and witness first-hand their deepest emotions. Through Beverlys stunning photographs and Derecks engaging narration, readers can follow the plight of a trapped baby elephant, discover the compassion of these gentle giants, and learn of the threats they face. The Jouberts take readers face to face with the elephants as they come under attack from lions…and from mankind. Learn how to help protect these animals and prevent shrinking herds being driven into ever smaller parcels of land.