Explore 360 Tomb Tutankhamun

Explore 360 Tomb Tutankhamun

Stella Caldwell


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(2016) The discovery of Tutankhamun’s lost tomb and its glittering cache of treasures was surely one of the most exciting archaeological finds ever made. Now, you can journey back to the land of King Tut and explore the temples, tombs, and monuments of Ancient Egypt in breathtaking detail. As you explore each monument, you’ll discover just what it looked like in ancient times through:

A FREE downloadable app that includes amazing 3-D graphics that recreate Tutankhamun’s tomb and all of the treasures found there, as well as other awe-inspiring sites such as the Great Pyramid and Karnak Temple.

Spectacular fold-out artwork of the tomb of Tutankhamun

Stunning 3-D spreads illustrating the Great Pyramids, Karnak Temple, Abu Simbel, and more

A historical review of Ancient Egypt, from life along the mighty Nile to the discovery of the tomb by Harold Carter in 1922

Also features approximately 125 full-color and black and white images throughout.