Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners


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(2018) Give children a leg up on learning important geographic skills with the Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners: Geography, Grade 1 Activity Book. This 144-page book has a variety of colorful activities that first graders will enjoy completing, including nonfiction reading sections, comprehension questions, vocabulary practice, writing prompts and other activities that bring the concepts to life. Each of the activities in the book encourage gr. 1 kids to use higher-order thinking skills that enhance creative problem solving skills as well. The geography concepts our workbook introduces to grade one students include discovering places, regions, continents, oceans and habitats.

” Explore the World – First graders always have plenty of curiosity about the world around them, and our full-color book gives them the opportunity to ask questions and learn fun facts”

” Current Geography Standards – Each of the activities in our resource workbook meets current curriculum geography standards”

” Enhance Creativity – Students will learn how to use higher-order thinking skills, which encourages creative problem solving”

” Multiple Activities – Parents can use our different activities to help young children grasp basic geography skills like reading a map, learning about continents and oceans and discovering places and regions”

” Improve Reading Skills – As the grade one students work through the different lessons, they’ll improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, which provides benefits in all parts of their education