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(2020) Equilibrium is about creating the balance between the spirit and material body and world, which we live in. By letting go of everything that does not serve the purpose of having a balanced and peaceful state. It could also be through self-transformation or as simple as having a more widened perspective. Equilibrium takes you on a journey of self-healing and growth through the principle of balance. Equilibrium helps readers: •Find the right balance in life that allows them live a peaceful life, which is aligned to who they truly are. •Understand what exactly triggers their pain or anger. •Take steps towards their healing process, facing and accepting themselves to become more self-aware, whole and conscious of their emotions and thoughts. •Know what it takes to make life-changing decisions and to change to the better. •Become aware of ways to connect with their spiritual side to reach higher levels of spirituality and connection with oneself. •Know how to create a balance between their material body and spirit to allow them to be in more harmony with themselves and others.