El Alamein and the Struggle fo

Jill Edwards


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(2012) A new set of studies of issues surrounding the pivotal battle on its 70th anniversary

This new collection of studies presents fresh insights into a war fought over unusually difficult terrain and with exceptional supply demands. From the ongoing Italian geomorphic study of the Alamein arena to individual memories of non-combatant Alexandrians, from the Free French to the seasoned colonial forces of Australia, India, New Zealand, and South Africa, and from vital naval engagements and the siege of Malta to the study of Rommel’s leadership and the Churchill–Montgomery duo, this book presents the reader with a detailed yet broad reassessment of the complexities of the war in North Africa between 1941 and 1943, its technology, philosophy, military doctrine, strategy, tactics, logistics, and the associated local and international politics. Writing from the perspectives of some of the many nations whose armies were involved in the conflict, fifteen historians bring to their work the precision of their national historical archival sources in clear and spritely narratives. Contributors: Mohamed Awad, Niall Barr, Aldino Bondesan, Antulio J. Echevarria II, Jill Edwards, Sahar Hamouda, Glyn Harper, Nick Hewitt, James Jacobs, Alan Jeffreys, William Roger Louis, Rémy Porte, Thomas Scheben, Peter Stanley, Harry Tzalas