Digital Photographer’s Handboo

Tom Ang


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(2020) Discover how to get the very best from your photography with clear step-by-step guidance from acclaimed author, photographer, and digital expert Tom Ang.

In this fully comprehensive photography companion, Tom Ang teaches you how to capture, enhance, and transform your photographs, while reader-friendly, jargon-free text demystifies the technical elements of digital photography.

The first half of the book explains all of the essential techniques that every photographer needs to learn – from how to handle your camera correctly and understand its features, to composing a successful shot.

The second half develops your understanding of photography, guiding you through a range of projects that focus on different photographic genres and subjects, including landscapes, cityscapes, and live events. It explains how to digitally enhance your images, not only to improve the original shot, but also to apply creative techniques that will take your image to a new level. This section also gives advice on the best way to share your work, choosing and using the most suitable equipment and the very latest technology, and, should you wish, how to develop a career in photography.