Deep Heart : Our Portal to Presence

Deep Heart : Our Portal to Presence

John J. Prendergast


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(2019) Tap into your inherent wisdom, love, and wholeness as you journey into the depths of the heart. The great human quest is to discover who we really are-a discovery that changes our lives and the lives of those around us. With The Deep Heart, spiritual teacher and psychotherapist John J. Prendergast, PhD, invites us on a pilgrimage within, using the heart as a portal to our deepest psychological and spiritual nature. The “deep heart” is Prendergast’s term for our heart center-the subtle center of emotional and energetic sensitivity, relational intimacy, profound inner knowing, and unconditional love. “The heart area is where we feel most deeply touched by kindness, gratitude, and appreciation, yet it is also where we feel most emotionally wounded,” writes Prendergast. “Whether we realize it or not, the heart is what we most carefully guard and most want to open.” In The Deep Heart, Prendergast guides readers to safely open their hearts and discover their true nature. Through precise and potent meditative inquiries, insightful stories, and reflections drawn from his intimate work with students and clients, Prendergast explores the convergence of psychological healing and spiritual awakening that happens most clearly and powerfully in “the deep heart.” These short chapters, accompanied by guided meditations and inquiries, will invite and inspire you to ponder and discover the emotional, energetic, and spiritual depths of your heart.